about the photographer

I have been involved with photography, both professionally and as an enthusiast, for over 30 years, and still thoroughly enjoy the challenges and rewards of creating images.

Professionally, I’ve worked as a medical photographer, healthcare audiovisual producer, stock photographer and in media relations. As an enthusiast, I was a member of Australian camera and film clubs for many years, until work commitments overtook most of my time for personal photography.

Now working in Information Technology full-time in Warrnambool, Victoria, and in my own computing and website business as time permits, photography continues to be a significant interest, and the images on this site (some old, some recent) are grouped around my main photo subjects.

I shoot on either film or digital, depending on the requirements of each assignment; for film work, the darkroom has long been dismissed in favor of the computer. The ease and speed of working in a 'digital darkroom' is very liberating; the ability to easily experiment with images and retouch things 'not quite right' in the original is a joy... and sometimes a major challenge!

Camera equipment is a Nikon D70,  Nikon F50, a Nikon FA, assorted lenses, and a Fuji S602Z. Also lurking in the camera bag is an old, battered Nikon EM (bought for $20 and proving itself nearly indestructible), and sometimes a Minolta 7s rangefinder model (similar story, despite being dropped several times!)

For many years I shot transparencies (slides), but filmstock these days is invariably color negative, most often EI 400. For scanning, a Canon FS2710 handles both negatives and slides very well.

Adding digital shooting has shortened production time for many projects, and is very helpful when working with models. The high sensitivity of the Fuji is a boon when working in tungsten or available light, which I prefer to using flash whenever possible.

As is probably obvious from some of the images on this site, I don’t mind grain for some subjects, especially glamour work. Another preference is to use soft-focus, especially when photographing females. Being able to control these effects in digital is a far cry from past tricks that often involved hijacking my wife’s stockings to put over the camera or enlarger lens!

I enjoy experimenting with various programs (guess it goes with the territory when working in computing), and the Software page lists some of my favorites. Every now and then I find another must-have program to add to the collection, and I congratulate all the freeware, shareware and commercial authors out there that work hard to give us a huge range of affordable software for photo-imaging and webpage creation.

photographer Robert Moore

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