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Stunning photography, talented photographic models, innovative designers and practical software -- the Web has it all. Settle into a comfy chair and browse this small sampling...


Bill Poon
A Melbourne commercial photographer, Bill’s site shows a selection of carefully-crafted images, with an emphasis on the figure.

Alex Bond
Superb landscapes and Western Australian scenes from this award-winning photographer.

Ian Scrivener
Extensive folios detailing model portraits and the nude, plus an atmospheric folio of dance studio pictures.

Lugansk Art Gallery
Links to some superb photographic sites and plenty of artwork for inspiration on this extensive online art gallery.

Tom McGhee
Portraiture, urban, shoreline and campaign work, presented on a very well-designed site.

Genesis fine art photography
Award-winning lightning and storm photography from Nick Djordjevic -- including a (literally) hair-raising account of photographing in a thunderstorm.

Web Development

How old are you?
A simple idea, but well-executed for the web. Guess the age of the person in the photo, and immediately see if you are correct. It's something that could be easily adapted in different ways for photo-related quizzes. The developer is currently tweaking the code, so drop him an e-mail if you have any ideas for the concept.

Gavin Ballard
Keep an eye on this young designer and programmer -- he will go places! Gavin is also an accomplished actor and theatrical director, through involvement in Warrnambool’s Holiday Actors.

Xat software
A range of very useful imaging utilities, including a versatile slideshow maker, an optimizer for minimizing the sizes of JPEG, GIF and PNG files, and a local webserver with adjustable speeds, so you can test the speed of your site through various connection speeds.

Between Codebrain and its sister sites, you’ll find a great range of Java applets, Javascripts and Perl scripts. From a handy application to automate making pop-ups, to anti-spam e-mail coders and scrolling slideshows, Codebrain provides ready-made applets that are simple to install and use.

Loads of free Javascripts and DHTML, plus useful tutorials. A great resource site for web designers, and because the scripts are cut-and-paste, you do not have to be a Javascript guru to use them.

Dynamic Drive
Great collection of Dynamic HTML scripts and components, plus excellent tutorials and FAQs.

Big Nose Bird
Over 300 pages of CGI scripts, tutorials and tips. An invaluable site for webmasters, especially those just dipping their toes into the arcane world of CGI and Perl.

A great range of free software, including a superbly uncomplicated web server, an equally simple-to-use proxy server, and a memory maximizer. The author is a talented musician, so of course you can also download some of his music.

Home of the ever-useful Screen Calipers measuring tool, and other useful utilities, Iconico also has an eclectic collection of photos that take an interesting new slant on everyday objects and scenes.

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An excellent resource for amateur and professional Australian model contacts. Also features a lively discussion forum for both models and photographers.


The Shipwreck Coast
Victoria's most spectacular and most-photographed coast! Towering cliffs, offshore islands and rock stacks carved out of the coastline by wind and sea, a photogenic coastal hinterland with natural bush, rolling farmlands, lush rainforests, and a rich (often tragic) seafaring history.

The Great Ocean Road
With amazing coastal and hinterland scenery, plus interesting country towns and coastal ports, Victoria’s Great Ocean Road is internationally-known as a must-see, must-photograph attraction.

At the western end of the famous Shipwreck Coast, Warrnambool is not just a great place to live, but also a major holiday destination for both Australians and overseas visitors. The perfect base for a photo-safari around south-west Victoria.

Port Fairy
Just ‘down the road’ from Warrnambool is the historic fishing village of Port Fairy, one of Victoria’s earliest settlements. World-famous for its annual Folk Music Festival, Port Fairy is a photogenic holiday or weekend destination.

The Victorian state capital is one of the world’s most livable cities. Great food, thanks to its multicultural population, and a thriving arts and entertainment scene. Home to some very talented models and great photo-locations, too.

Singapore Botanic Gardens
I’m always impressed by Singapore’s parks and gardens; if you have an interest in floral photography, you will find the Botanic Gardens a great location for capturing a multitude of tropical flowers and plants, in superbly-landscaped settings.